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Winnie is doing great.  She had her last round of puppy shots Friday . She is
now 30 pounds!!!  Eats like a horse, but in good shape and good report from
the vet.  She loves people and loves to ride in the car and go shopping.  I think
Lowe's is her favorite store or the local nursery (rides in the cart).  Everyone
she meets is drawn to her -- she eats up all the attention.

Wish I knew her parents.  They must have really good dispositions....and must
be huge.  Winnie is going to be a big dog!  PS We have a lot of "Bulldog" fans in
Atlanta and everyone says that she is even cuter than UGA (similar
markings).  We have not seen Winston since football ended. The last I saw
him, he was just as sweet and being held like a baby.  Sure he has gotten just
as big and too big to hold like a baby.

Anyway, Winnie has brought so much joy to us....and to everyone she touches
-- it's truly magical.  A very special dog.  Thank you and Merry Christmas!

Andy Lin's Family
My husband and I have been looking for an English Bulldog for awhile. We were
really skeptical about flighting a puppy. We loved the fact that they are so
passionate about their dogs. They made the flight arrangements' and within in  a
week we had our “Big” guy Winston.

Winston is the most wonderful dog a person could ask for! No one has ever met
an animal like him, he loves everything and everybody. He was the easiest puppy
to potty train, he does not bark…yes, that’s what I said we have only heard him
bark maybe a half a dozen times, when he was frightened by something!

He is so loving and affectionate. Our family takes him everywhere. He goes to
football games, and at family events. If we don’t take him everyone wants to
know where he is, they don’t even say “hello” to us anymore! He is such a huge
part of our lives, we could not imagine life without him.

All in all he is the best addition we could have ever asked for and we are very
thankful to have found such a wonderful breeder who takes such pride in their
puppies. Thank you very much!!!!!

P.S. We are hoping to see Winnie at our son’s football games again as we are
truly thankful for Andy Linn for introducing us to you.

Lisa Mellow-Byars Family
Our experience with Royal Blue Bulldogz has been nothing less than
amazing. We could never have expected anything better. The
professionalism was greatly appreciated and made the process of
purchasing out first family pup run very smoothly. The veterinarian was also
very pleased with the packet put together containing vaccinations, the
recommendations and referrals to Mary. She continues to be supportive and
answer any questions and we truly feel this whole process is a blessing for
never forget.

From the bottom of our hearts,
The Hendricks Family
Royal Blue Bulldogz
Dogs are our link
to paradise.
They don't know
evil or jealousy
or discontent.

To sit with a dog
on a hillside on a
glorious afternoon
is to be back in
Eden, where doing
Nothing was not
Boring--it was
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